jeudi 12 septembre 2019


How To Setup Iptv m3u / m3u8 Playlist on Smart Tv

How To Setup Iptv m3u / m3u8 Playlist on Smart Tv

Setup Smart Iptv App On Smart Tv

In this guide you will learn how to setup Smart Iptv In your Smart tv to play IPTV m3u Playlist your  the following steps are for  to Samsung /  LG Smart TV .
First you have to download An Iptv Player for Smart Tv.

How To Download Smart Iptv App

1 - Go to the Smart Tv apps store and Search “ Smart Iptv App “ and download the first One 

2 - Install The Smart Tv App by following the smart tv app installation wizard

Setup M3u Files In Smart Iptv App

1 - Open the Smart Tv app and on the right you will see the mac address and note it somewhere because you’ll need it for the following steps.

Smart Iptv

3 - Enter carefully your mac address in the appropriate field  as you see in the picture below

4 - Final step
Upload your m3u playlist file in the field “File: Choose File” OR paste direct m3u url in the “URL” field if you have a direct url.

Setup Iptv m3u Smart Tv

Now Just reload your Smart Iptv App and you enjoy your free iptv m3u Playlist.